Hi, I am
Erik Masný
I create cool apps and websites

I am a full-stack web developer with passion for new technologies. I am specialized in Laravel, Vue and TALL stack, however I will appreciate well-written code in any language. I like to contribute to the community with open-source code or with blog posts.

My name is Erik

Hi there! My name is Erik and I am passionate about technologies. I've been playing around with web apps since elementary school, later studied computer science at university and now I am working as a full-stack developer.

I had an opportunity to work on many projects throughout my career. From creating small websites to programming big applications, I've seen it all. I was working with top-notch marketing agencies and IT companies, as a programmer, tech lead or consultant.

I love working with Laravel, Vue.js and Livewire. Programming is my hobby and I love to share my knowledge with others, whether it is through writing blog posts, discussing new technologies or working as a freelancer.

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